The Diet for Building Muscle

Sunday, November 2, 2008 9:27
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What I find quite sad is newbies that come into the gym after the New Year and with their resolution to put on some mass, only to see them disappear after a month. If you watch television’s infomercials for any product that is about muscle growth, you always see someone pumping their muscles up in exercise. If you watch big guys on television, you always see them in the gym. The working out aspect of the process has been so glamorized that most people forget the fact that the diet is far more important. Anyone that you see with huge muscles probably spent more time planning what they eat than what they plan on doing in the gym. I’m going to show you exactly what makes up a good diet for building muscle.

The first step to your diet is getting real and that means eating real food. In today’s society, most of the food you probably eat has been processed to death and it is probably full of chemicals that you don’t understand, let alone have the ability to pronounce. Do you think muscles are built on these chemicals? Of course not, muscles are built on real food. When you’re at the grocery store, try to shop around the outside of the store. This is where you’ll find the least processed foods, but you always have to be watching out for it. You’ll see things like “low in fat”, which is just code for “the fat is replaced with chemicals”. Your goal is to throw out all the junk chemical enriched food and get back to REAL food.

The next step is to get you off of the average Joe’s eating schedule and onto one that actually supports the body building muscle. Instead of eating three meals a day, spaced pretty far apart, you’ll want to start eating every 3hrs. Protein, as well as other nutrients, is required in the process of building muscle. After roughly 2-4hrs, your body will run out of the nutrients and will be unable to build any muscle at all. I aim for 3hrs and it has worked for me extremely well. This means your body will always have some nutrients available and your body will able to build muscle all day long.

Lastly, you’re going to have to maximize your muscle growth while you sleep. In the previous step I indicated that you need to take in food every few hours to make sure you always have enough nutrients available to build muscle tissue. Well, when you’re sleeping for 8hrs, it becomes difficult to get a bite to eat. Some people go to the extreme and get up in the middle of the night to eat something. I’m against this because I believe you’re getting much more benefit while you sleep. I do have a solution for this problem. By eating a high combination of fat and protein before bed you can actually slow down digestion, so it’ll last through the night. My personal food of choice that does this is cottage cheese. It’s lumpy, full of protein and fat. It should work well for you.

I think these are probably some of the most important points for a muscle building diet, and should help you get a lot more growth than simply focusing on your workouts.

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